David Gilmore & Numerology

Borne out of his second Chamber Music America New Works Composer Grant, Numerology Suite is a musical exploration into the mystical, divine, and spiritual meaning of numbers, which reflect the creation ofthe Universe and the underlying structure upon which the material world is built. Music is the language of the Universe, and the elements of music - harmony, melody and rhythm, are all expressions of number.  Pythagoras, the father of mathematics, taught that the numbers one through nine represent the universal principles and progressive cycles in life.

 Personnel: Claudia Acuña - voice, Miguel Zenón - alto sax, Luis Perdomo - piano, Christian McBride - bass, Jeff “Tain” Watts - drums, Mino Cinelu - percussion, David Gilmore - guitar

Their CD, David Gilmore and Numerology, Live at The Jazz Standard, was released in November 2012, and has already received critical international acclaim.  They will be performing at the legendary Newport Jazz Festival, August 4, 2013.



David Gilmore & Energies of Change

In his continuing exploration into the correlations and connections between the natural world and elements of music, David Gilmore has brought together a group of like-minded jazz improvisers, that are steeped in both the rich jazz tradition as well as having their finger on the pulse of today's contemporary music.

The title of the group, Energies of Change, refers to the phenomena of an ever-changing and unpredictable world that continues to defy mankind's attempts to make it more understandable and manageable. The immediacy and spontaneity of musical improvisation is a direct reflection and expression of life's hidden intelligence, and to move and groove with the Energies of Change is to truly be in the Moment of Now, and at least for brief moments, transcend the illusion of Space and Time.  The music of the ensemble is both a reflection of the past and the future, bringing post-bop elements of swing mixed with odd-meter moments of fury.  

Personnel: Marcus Strickland - tenor/alto sax & bass clarinet, Luis Perdomo - piano, Ben Williams - bass, Antonio Sanchez - drums

Their debut recording is scheduled for release in the Fall of 2015 on the Evolutionary Music Label.


David Gilmore & Art of Ascension

Joined with his long-time colleagues and partners-in-crime bassist Matt Garrison and drummer Gene Lake, David leads this new power trio on a diverse musical journey that takes no prisoners – playing an amalgamation of sonic vibrations ranging from Bitches Brew-influenced grooves and Hendrix inspired vamps to Indian ragas and African Douala beat.

Their debut CD is scheduled for release in the Fall of 2013, on Evolutionary Music.  

Europe Tour - November 2013!!! (check SCHEDULE for upcoming dates).