David Gilmore & Numerology

Borne out of his second Chamber Music America New Works Composer Grant, Numerology Suite is a musical exploration into the mystical, divine, and spiritual meaning of numbers, which reflect the creation ofthe Universe and the underlying structure upon which the material world is built. Music is the language of the Universe, and the elements of music - harmony, melody and rhythm, are all expressions of number.  Pythagoras, the father of mathematics, taught that the numbers one through nine represent the universal principles and progressive cycles in life.

 Personnel: Claudia Acuña - voice, Miguel Zenón - alto sax, Luis Perdomo - piano, Christian McBride - bass, Jeff “Tain” Watts - drums, Mino Cinelu - percussion, David Gilmore - guitar

Their CD, David Gilmore and Numerology, Live at The Jazz Standard, was released in November 2012, and has already received critical international acclaim.  They will be performing at the legendary Newport Jazz Festival, August 4, 2013.