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David Gilmore & Energies of Change

2014 Evolutionary Music

In his continuing exploration into the correlations and connections between the natural world and elements of music, David Gilmore has brought together a group of like-minded jazz improvisers, that are steeped in both the rich jazz tradition as well as having their finger on the pulse of today's contemporary music. The title of the group, Energies of Change, refers to the phenomena of an ever-changing and unpredictable world that continues to defy mankind's attempts to make it more understandable and manageable. The immediacy and spontaneity of musical improvisation is a direct reflection and expression of life's hidden intelligence, and to move and groove with the Energies of Change is to truly be in the Moment of Now, and at least for brief moments, transcend the illusion of Space and Time.  The music of the ensemble is both a reflection of the past and the future, bringing post-bop elements of swing mixed with odd-meter moments of fury.

David GIlmore - guitars, Marcus Strickland - tenor and alto sax, bass clarinet, Luis Perdomo - piano, Ben Williams - bass, Antonio Sanchez - drums, Kofo 'The Wonderman' Wanda - talking drum


David Gilmore & Numerology - Live at Jazz Standard

2012 Evolutionary Music

Numerology Suite is a musical exploration into the mystical, divine, and spiritual meaning of numbers, which reflect the creation of the Universe and the underlying structure upon which the material world is built. Music is the language of the Universe, and the elements of music - harmony, melody and rhythm, are all expressions of number. Pythagoras, the father of mathematics, taught that the numbers one through nine represent the universal principles and progressive cycles in life. Here, David Gilmore invites the listener on a musical journey as he interprets these nine musical cycles through sound and vibration.

David Gilmore – guitar • Claudia Acuña  voice • Miguel Zenón  alto sax • Luis Perdomo  piano • Christian McBride  bass • Jeff "Tain" Watts  drums • Mino Cinelu  percussion

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2006 RKM Music

"Unified Presence" is the sophomore release and a major musical statement from jazz guitarist David Gilmore. The eleven new Gilmore tunes that make up "Unified Presence" showcase the artist as a tremendous composer with unparalleled expressive powers on the electric and acoustic guitar.One of the most in-demand guitarists in jazz, it’s only fitting that Gilmore would call upon a jaw dropping cast of A-List musicians for his new CD: Christian McBride on bass, Ravi Coltrane on saxophone, and Jeff "Tain" Watts on drums. Chilean singer Claudia Acuña drops in for an added treat – a gorgeous vocal on the album’s closer, "Broken Kiss."
– From

"It's these three elements – the sophisticated and ever-present rhythmic emphasis, the bop essence and an accepting spirituality, that combine to impart the impalpable aura of mystic intensity, pervading the Unified Presence session.pushing it into the circle of the premiere releases of 2006."
– AllAboutJazz





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2000 Kashka Music

  • Nominated for "Debut CD of the Year, 2001" by the Jazz Journalists Association
  • Chosen as a "Top Release" for 2000 by
  • Featured in JazzTimes Magazine Annual Guitar Edition 2001

"Focused, achieving an ideal balance of technical sophistication and emotional depth"
– David R. Adler,

"Chromatically serrated power chords, shape shifting blurs of octave clusters...a revelatory experience" 
– Tom Terrell, Jazz Times

"Ritualism is one of the most eloquent inaugural statements in recent memory"
– Nate Chinen, Schwann Inside

David Gilmore – guitar • George Colligan – piano, keyboards  • Brad Jones – bass  • Rodney Holmes – drums 

With guest artists:
Ravi Coltrane – tenor & soprano sax  • Bruce Cox – drums • Imani Uzuri – vocals • David Binney – alto sax • Ralph Alessi – trumpet • Sharrif Simmons – poet • Daniel Moreno – percussion